Amphibians RD023

Amphibians RD023
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Amphibians Author: John Coborn ISBN: 0-7938-3059-1 Hard back 64 pages Frogs, toads, newts and salamanders are kept by many hobbyists, their often brilliant colours, strange forms and unusual life cycles never failing to draw attention. Amphibians by John Coborn presents the beginning to relatively advanced hobbyist with a great introduction to the group, covering many aspects of their captive care and feeding, as well as health problems and breeding potential. In over 140 photos the reader is introduced to a variety of common to rare frogs and salamanders and their relatives from around the world, many of which make excellent pets. The author is an experienced British and Australian herpetologist who has kept a variety of species for years in zoo and home surroundings, and he has plenty of practical advice to pass on to interested readers.

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